Here are some frequently asked questions about our club.

About The Club

  • What facilities does the club have? Cupar Camera Club has the best facilities within Fife.  We have a Computer Room, Studio, Dark Room, Lecture Area and Kitchen.
  • How often does the club meet? We meet every Monday and Thursday between September to April (with breaks for New Year and Easter).
  • What type of photography is encouraged? We have members that do all sorts of photography from landscape, still life, portraiture to street photography.
  • Do you have a social media presence? Yes, we do. We have a Facebook page for the general public to view and a members only group where members can interact. Search for Cupar Camera Club on Facebook.


  • What level of photography do I need to have to join the club? Our club provides assistance from beginner to professional. In fact, if you don’t own a camera then our members can advise you on buying camera equipment based your experience and the type of photography you wish to do.  Just ask any of our very friendly members.
  • How much are the membership fees? If you are a new member, then the annual fee is £25 for your first year.  New members are welcome to attend one or two sessions before committing to the fees.  After your first year, the annual fee is £50.


  • How do I enter? Each member is given one unique number by our Competition Secretary.  You can enter as a Novice or Intermediate.  You can remain as a Novice for the first year but can be promoted at any point.  Your images can be submitted as either a Print or a Digital Projected Image.
  • How many images can I submit? Each internal competition has 3 categories – Colour Prints, Monochrome Prints and Digital Projected Images. You can enter up to 3 in each category. You do not have to enter into each category.
  • How can I print and mount my images? Members can use our computer room and printers, we also have a mount cutter and boards in the club for members to use. If you are unsure, we normally hold a mounting workshop.
  • What image size should I submit for digital projected images? We have just had a new state of the art projector installed, so we now accept images 1600 by 1200. Again, members of the club can help you resize your images prior to submission.
  • Are there opportunities to enter external competitions? Yes, we have two regular Fife Wide competitions.  This is our annual Three-Way competition and the Fife Championship competition.  This is a great opportunity to receive feedback and compare to other Camera Clubs within Fife.  There are also a range of external exhibitions that you can enter.  Please click here for more information on the British Photographic Exhibitions (BPE).
  • Do I have to enter the competitions? We would always advise members to enter our range of competitions as the judges can provide valuable feedback to assist with developing your photography.   However, these are completely optional.

If you have any other questions, then feel free to contact us.